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Hi, I'm Yitao Hu. I founded SelfReason to share a collection of thoughts and tools for ordinary, non-technical people to better use technology.

Why you can trust us

  • I won gold medalsšŸ„‡ in the official National Programming Competition in both China and SingaporešŸ˜Ž
  • I worked at corporations like Google and AI startups
  • 20+ years of tech tinkering since I first touched a computer in 1999!
  • Why now

  • Tech is rapidly changing with AI and anyone can benefit from a bit of insight
  • Clickbaits and AI-generated content are flooding, and every comparison article ends with "It depends". Hot takes from experts are more valuable than ever
  • New AI tools promise big things but many just manipulate us for profit. The transition to a centralized mega-AI spells doom.
  • Many valuable knowledge, tools, and tricks are hard to fit into a product and monetize
  • At SelfReason, you simply pay us to help your daily life with tech. Together, let's create a future that makes our lives more convenient while preserving autonomy!



    Tool recommendations

    Whether you just want a good weather app or picking the right tech stack for your team, a good and personalized recommendation saves you tons of work, and potentially some trouble


    Cool automation

    Get that concert ticket, basketball shoe, or whatever! Get a text digest of every podcast and skip certain segments! Fill out any forms fast!


    Quick questions

    Best measures to protect privacy without incurring too much inconvenience? What happened to XXX? Best ways to use AI for coding or writing or designing? What about Bitcoin or XXXcoin?



    While we are trying to make the solutions easily installable as a product, you may always have custom needs. Through consultation, we will help you to find the best solution for your needs. You also have the chance to shape our product developments.

    Early bird

    $188 / 30mins

    1 on 1


    Mobile product

    Fundamentally transform the way you interact with your phone and perform day-to-day operations


    $10 / month


    You can email at hi@selfreason.com

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